Login with your credentials - username password or via OTP. After Login, click on “Enquiries & Contacts > “Inbox”
Provide price range of your products, provide payment terms like delivery, period, taxes etc., type your reply or use ready-made reply template for quick replies, attach document if any & Click “Send Reply”
Click on Past Enquiries tab in the menu, it shows all enquiries. To view enquiries of previous years, select the year from the dropdown and all the enquiries for that year will be visible
The deleted enquiries are present in Trash and the required enquiries can be selected and can be moved from the trash to Inbox after clicking on the Move to Inbox option present at the top.
It will help suppliers to manage and track enquiries according to their sales stage. This will help them to track, align the efforts and tasks for different enquiries with different statuses and thus improve their conversions.
The option to mark the stage of the enquiry is present in the enquiry detail page. By default, the enquiry would be present with the status as "New". This can be changed and different stages can be marked by clicking on that particular stage and the bar would turn green till that stage. The final/closure status of the enquiry can be set by choosing the Result options as Won or Lost.
Lack of quick & persistent follow ups could lead to low conversion. So to address this, reminder has been introduced.
Set a reminder in just a click & get Email & SMS reminder 15 mins before your scheduled time.
Click on the icon at the top of enquiry detail page & add date, time & note (if any) & click “Set Reminder".
Click on icon to see the reminder details. Supplier can update the reminders based upon his conversation with buyer.
Click on the icon at the top of enquiry detail page. Check all your set reminders according to their status:
  • Red Overdue Reminders
  • Green Upcoming Reminders
  • Black Done Reminders
Notes are quick mean to keep track of every detail/update on an enquiry. It will help supplier manage the enquiry internally in a better way & also prevent history & data from being lost or overlooked.
Add note icon is available in “Enquiry detail page”, click on it.
Enter the detail or update on the enquiry & click “Add” & your note will be added.
You can even add multiple notes for the same contact.
In addition to existing features now you can do following things with Contact Book:
  • Add new contact & edit existing contact
  • Search your contacts
Existing features
  • Start a conversation with your contact
  • View past interactions with your contact
To add a contact in the Contact Book:
  • Open Contact Book Click on sign on top left
  • Add Name & Mobile Number & Click “Add Contact
To edit contact details:
  • Open Contact Book Click on sign on top left
  • Add Name & Mobile Number & Click “Add Contact
Open Contact Book, click search box present in left section. Now search by typing user name or contact number.
To differentiate important enquiries from normal enquiries “Mark as Favorite” can be very helpful.
All your Important marked enquiries can be viewed separately in the Important section (below Inbox).
To mark as favorite directly click and it will turn into which means enquiry is marked as important. This is available in Inbox as well as the enquiry detail section.
For easy & faster communication between supplier & buyer over their enquiries, supplier can add & save their frequent replies/templates using Quick reply so that supplier will not to have to type same reply again & again.
This template can be anything like their company details, details about their specialty, product range, thank you message, sharing their whatsapp contact numbers, etc.
Add New Template: Click on Quick Reply button click icon & fill required details & click on “Add Template” button.
Access Replies: Click on Quick reply button to access all your saved replies.
Send Quick Reply: View the added templates from the list and select them for your reply description and send reply (after filling all other desired details).
Your last sent reply would be visible by default in the reply comment box so that the same if required, can be sent without any extra efforts.